Gyotaku from an Angler/Artist

You immediately ask yourself “What the heck is Gyotaku? I can’t even pronounce it!”

Let’s start with that last part first … ghe … yo … tah … koo.

Gyotaku is the ancient art of fish rubbings. Yes, very old, because fishing is a very old sport and fishermen have forever been liars. Fish rubbings are a very accurate way of recording the species and size of a catch, much better than hero shots along with their inevitable “hidden elbows.” The technique was invented by the Japanese for the same reason – it is a most ancient form of taxidermy.

Gyotaku sockeye salmon

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Who is this Scott Wells you speak of?

Scott is an angler, father, and husband residing in Centennial, Colorado. Scott fishes a lot. Probably too much. But he’s also a finish carpenter producing beautiful final touches on custom homes, and he creates all the beautiful Gyotaku art you see on this site. Read more about Scott Wells here.

What you see within

Scott’s Gyotaku art is showcased within these pages, where you can learn more about the process as well as buy pieces he has available.